New Job Opportunity at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Plantarium

There is a new job opening at Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium for the role of Planetarium Venue Manager. closing date 3.3.21

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APS2020 Group Photograph

The APS Conference for 2020 has now finished for another year.  It was great to catch up with everyone and have such a wide array of informative discussions and presentations.  Thanks again to all of our sponsors who can make this possible.

Photograph by Martin George, Launceston Planetarium

APS2020 Group Photo_Wide

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Valentines Day and 30th Anniversary of the Pale Blue Dot

Valentines Day coincides with the 30th Anniversary of the Pale Blue Dot Image.

Friday 14th February 8.15pm

The iconic Pale Blue Dot is an image of Earth taken from approximately 6 billion kilometers away by NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft on 14 February 1990. The Earth can be seen as a tiny pale-blue bright dot within deep space. The image was part of a larger group of images known as the Family Portrait series that consisted of various images of the solar system.

….”On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, ….”

Carl Sagan

Be taken on an amazing Journey…………If it is cloudy a virtual Tour of the night sky will replace the live viewing at the telescopes.

Valentines Day – 30th Anniversary of the Pale Blue Dot and An Evening Under the Stars

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Dome Under Festival – Award Winners


The Dome Under Festival awards has now completed. The festival jury, Alicia Sometimes, Jack White & Monica Zetlin are pleased to announce the following winners:

Best Student Film

S is for Episode

An inventive, visceral narrative allowing us a deeper understanding into the narrator’s ever-changing interior world.

Best Experimental Film


An emotive, dynamic film. Originally produced as a real-time, room-scale VR experience it has translated extremely well to the canvas of the dome. Adding to the language of what is possible within the fulldome experience.

Best Short Film

How it was told to Me

Efficient use of stylish animation bringing to life Maori culture in three delightful stories. Wonderful acting and a confident story.

Best Narrative

Beyond the Sun

With great characterizations and an absorbing story, this film utilizes science in a way that will inspire the young to keep learning.

Best Astronomy Education

Big Astronomy: People, Places, Discoveries

This elegantly produced film showcases the diverse collaboration of scientists that open our minds to the expanse of the cosmos. Extraordinary footage and engaging talent.

The jury decided that there were so many films of incredible quality, that they wanted to acknowledge three additional films.  The jury made the following commendations.




An exquisite glimpse into the universe of auroras. A gorgeous blend of science and folklore.

Whale Super Highway

Beautifully shot. A reminder of why these animals are so important to the earth. Really punching high for a fulldome video.

Beautiful Baby Tilapia

A charming approach to fulldome graphics with a surprising story for children and adults.


Congratulations to all of the winners.  Thank you to the jury for their amazing work and support of the festival. Thank you to all of the sponsors and supporting partners of the festival and all those who contributed their films.

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APS2020 – Program

It is now just four weeks until APS2020. The program for this year is looking excellent with a huge range of talks and presentations. You can find the latest version of the program here:  APS 2020 Program – 200207

Anyone who has not already registered for the conference is strongly encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

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Dome Under Festival Program

The program for the Dome Under Festival has now been released and available here: Dome Under Festival_Program 191219

It includes 42 films from 16 different countries and looks a little like:


Single session tickets are now available as well as Day Passes and Season Passes.  You can find them here:

Make sure to get your Day Passes and Season Passes soon as they are only available until 26th January.



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APS2020 Registration Now Open

APS2020 logo

Registration for the APS2020 Conference to be held at the Melbourne Planetarium is now open.

Registrations are available via Event Brite:  APS2020 Conference Registration

It is recommended that anyone planning to attend the Dome Under Festival prior to the conference to purchase your tickets for the festival first.  APS Members attending the festival will receive a discount on their conference registration.  Information on the Dome Under Festival can be found here:  Dome Under Festival


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The Melbourne Planetarium is delighted to be hosting the APS 2020 conference.

APS 2020 will take place on 10 – 11 February 2020 at the Melbourne Planetarium located in Museum Victoria’s Scienceworks. It will be an excellent opportunity to network with operators of both fixed and mobile planetariums.

All up to date information on the festival can be found on the APS2020 Conference webpage.  Or you can download a preliminary program directly from here: APS 2020 Program

This year the Dome Under Festival (8-9 February) will precede the APS conference. Information on the festival can be found on the website Dome Under Festival

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Dome Under Festival – Tickets on Sale

Dome Under Festival Logo

TICKETS NOW ON SALE! – Tickets for the Dome Under Festival are now on sale. Season passes and Day passes are now available here:

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN – Submissions for the Dome Under Festival are now open. Enter your films via the website. Entries will close on 29 November. Early entry is encouraged and appreciated!
We look forward to welcoming you here at the Melbourne Planetarium.

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Dome Under Festival

Dome Under Logo Blue Saturn.jpg

The Melbourne Planetarium is excited to announce the Dome Under Festival, the first ever Fulldome Film Festival in Australia. The festival will take place at the Melbourne Planetarium, February 8-9, 2020.

The two-day film festival will be a celebration of the fulldome film format and it will promote the medium to a wider audience. The festival is independent and open to contributions from all around the world.

For more details see:

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