Fisheye filming

Further to my earlier post on filming with the Red Scarlet and fisheye lens, we finally took it out on the road. The following with the gorilla mount is my favourite shot since it looks so parasitic on the front of the vehicle. In the end though it was to “wobbly” so the second option was used … rock solid.


Summary: 30fps, 2300 circle fisheyes, 20 minutes on a 64GB SSD.



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2 Responses to Fisheye filming

  1. warikl says:

    An ingenious solution. But I am not sure I would be brave enough to put such an expensive camera on such an inexpensive rig!

  2. paulbourke says:

    In the second image you will see rails attached to roof rack, during filming theye were extended to just behind the camera and attached … a backup in case the tripod encountered difficulties. The second rig was however very strong and stable.

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