Brisbane Planetarium Panels Going Up

Brisbane Planetarium Panels Going Up

Panel installation is well underway for the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium’s 12.5-metre projection dome. This image was taken earlier today showing the beginning of the second layer of panels going up. There are 36 panels in each of three layers and then a cap at the top. Painting with a 44% reflectivity paint will follow.

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2 Responses to Brisbane Planetarium Panels Going Up

  1. warikl says:

    Great photo Mark. It looks a bit like a giant meccano set. Really good to see all the progress being made. Did you think about doing any timelapse sequences?

  2. amun1 says:

    Warik – We had looked at a fulldome timelapse video for the dome installation, but we had to have the mobile scaffolding moving around a lot. We’ve taken various images and video sequences, which we’ll show at APS 2013.

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