Important APS 2013 News Update

We are pleased to announce that Japan’s Ohira Tech president, Takayuki Ohira has confirmed his attendance at APS 2013 on 22/23 April 2013 at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, which has just installed an Ohira Tech Megastar-IIB optical star projector. Ohira Tech’s publicity manager, Keiko Owatari, will also attend.

As listed in the APS 2013 program posted previously, we will also have Sky-Skan, Inc, President Steve Savage attending from the USA.

For those involved in the planetarium field, this is a great opportunity to both see the Megastar and Sky-Skan DigtialSky systems. It also will be particularly valuable having the innovative Steve Savage and Takayuki Ohira here in our region if you wish to talk to them one-on-one. Here is more about Takayuki Ohira –

Some of you have met Steve Savage before and know of his passion for the planetarium field from the vendor side. In 2008, Steve became the first recipient of the International Planetarium Society’s TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION AWARD and has remarkable insight into the technology and data sets available to us.

Mark Rigby

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