Melbourne Planetarium Upgrade – Part 4

Projector On_sm

..and then there was light! And what a fantastic light it is. On Monday the Melbourne Planetarium re-opened to the public with new projectors and audio. The image looks terrific, it is much brighter, the colors are much more vivid, and the higher resolution makes it look crisper and sharper.

The audience reaction to the new system has been quite incredible. The school groups have been squealing with delight at the opening scenes of TILT and remain much more engaged throughout the show. It is very rewarding to see details in the shows which we always knew were there but could not see on our old CRT projectors.

The install went incredibly smooth and thanks go out to Jack White, Steve Savage and all of the install team from Sky-Skan for getting it all done ahead of schedule. I would also like to thank Andy Greenwood from Museum Victoria, he oversaw the entire upgrade process and without his vision and drive it would never have been acheived.

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2 Responses to Melbourne Planetarium Upgrade – Part 4

  1. Great to hear that all went well with the upgrade and the very positive public reaction! — Mark Rigy

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