Fulldome Showcases at the Melbourne International Film Festival

KilpisjärvelläThe Melbourne International Film Festival is coming up again soon.  The Melbourne planetarium has again been invited to run Fulldome Showcases that display the best of Fulldome Cinema.  These showcases are always popular.  There are two showcases screening on Saturday the 3rd of August, and then there will be a repeat screening of both showcases on Saturday the 10th of August.  The first Fulldome Showcase presents the films White Room: 02B3 a science fiction thriller, followed by Kilpisjarvella  where two men trek through the tundra to see the Northern Lights, and finally the ground breaking Six Mil Antennas.  The second fulldome showcase has a mathematics theme and features Eshcer’s Universe followed by Chaos and Order – A Mathematics Symphony.

For more information or to book tickets go to the MIFF website at: http://miff.com.au/

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