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Some information about the Adelaide Planetarium

Located within the University of South Australia at Mawson Lakes. The 45-seat auditorium has an 8-metre dome with the Zeiss ZKP-1 star projector. Included is a Mirror-Dome system currently operating at 1080×1920. The planetarium was built in 1972 originally to teach stellar surveying so it is located within the School of Natural and Built Environments Building-P. 

Currently we run a schedule, sessions on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month – 1pm Night Sky and movie such as  Tycho to the Moon or Wildest Weather in the Solar System. We always run a live night sky tour in all our sessions.  We are about to commence running The Earth Wins.

We also run short courses – New one for 2013 – Astronomy for Kids run by Martin Lewicki – very popular with 30 children attending – full house.

Other courses run through the year – All about Telescopes, The Night Sky, Constellations of the Zodiac and extended course Night Sky and Stars and Planets.

We annually run a Valentine’s Day event – 2 sessions – booked out with 92 people attending. 

Notable visitors were Andy Thomas visiting as part of the Summer Space Program this year. Curtis Wong, Microsoft software engineer team member who produced the World Wide Telescope.

Number of annual Visitors – 14,500

Our School Holiday Program – very popular with majority of sessions being booked out before the holidays begin.  In July started teaming up with SciWorld to provide science interactive activities for the public.  Great response to this, therefore, this has continued for each school holidays since.

During the course of the year we have  a steady stream of school, scout and social groups.

 We have recently received as a donation a Meade DS-16 (16-inch) telescope which we plan to implement as a part of our astronomy course activities and public viewing nights.

08 8302 3138

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