Murder on the International Space Station


Looking for more Space in your life? Wanting to escape the gravity of your daily grind? Need to put your relationship into a new orbit? Is it time to put some flair into your life? You have come to the right place. Welcome aboard the International Space Station Solar Flare for our special Halloween voyage.

 Unfasten your asteroid belt and ghost your way to a seat. Because you can on the Solar Flare. Suck on a glass of wine. Because you can on the Solar Flare. Wolf down our gourmet food selection. Because you can on the Solar Flare. In space no one can hear you relax, you could get away with murder!

Life in space has never been more thrilling. Which is what one expects from the French! Puissant Industries, born from humble beginnings by a frog farmer, now a Global corporate supernova and the first to design, build, and make real an International Space Station that is more home, than laboratory. Although we do boast the most advanced space research laboratory in the universe (as far as we know!), we are more interested in frankenfurters than Frankenstein. The entire ship is fitted with our trade-marked “Pro-Gravity” system. Our ‘Waste water to wine’ system ensures a constant supply of life’s necessities, including a tasty drop we call Pee-not Noir! You are the first visitors to journey through space to the Solar Flare but your stay is but a few short hours. Make the most of it, enjoy the devilish views, they are to un-die for!

On 30 and 31 October Carter Observatory and improvisation troupe, Best on Tap presented Murder Mystery on the International Space Station. Following our first successful murder mystery event in April,  in this new season of Murder Mystery at Carter Observatory, yet another person was murdered and like the plot, the atmosphere was thickening!

Tricks and treats took a turn for the worse at the Halloween party on board new space station the Solar Flare when half way through the celebrations a body was found. As special guests at the party, visitors were drawn into a world of interstellar intrigue, becoming part of the theatre experience as they stepped into a detective role to help solve the dastardly death. In space there is nowhere to run – the murderer had to be on board! There were many odd characters, with even odder motives… but whodunit?

On these epic nights visitors explored the whole observatory, planetarium and historic telescopes as they attempted to pick up the trail of the murderer. These events provided a wonderful opportunity to attract a whole new audience to Carter Observatory and to explore how we can use our historic buildings and planetarium in new, unique and fun ways. We are always keen to try out new things to appeal to broad and diverse audiences beyond our traditional visitor profile, and we’d really love to hear your ideas too.

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