Fiske Fulldome Film Festival – Award Winners


The Fiske Fulldome Festival finished tonight with their Awards Night.  It has been a fantastic festival and Thor and the team at Fiske have done a magnificent job.

Five awards were given out and they went to:

Best of Show

Winner:           We are Stars, NSC Creative
Runner Up:    Habitat Earth, California Academy of Sciences

Best Photography

Winner:         Space School, Oceanic Research Group Inc

Best Short

Winner:          Samskara, FulldomeLab
Runner Up:   LoVR, Lumiere

Best Music

Winner:         We Are Stars, NSC Creative
Runner Up:   Starlight, Melbourne Planetarium

People’s Choice

Winner:          Bella Gaia, Remedy Arts, Kenji Williams
Runner Up:   Dark Universe, American Museum of Natural History

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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1 Response to Fiske Fulldome Film Festival – Award Winners

  1. jwhitemelb says:

    Congratulations to the Melbourne production team – Starlight stands right up there with the best of the international offerings.

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