Capturing the Cosmos – Melbourne launch

Last night, I came away from the launch of, Capturing the Cosmos in Melbourne very excited. The quality of the production blew me away. Congratulations to Tanya Hill and Warik Lawrence and all at Museum Victoria for a remarkable new show. It confirms the talent, skills and experience of the Melbourne production team have made it a real creative force in the fulldome world. Written and directed by Tanya and designed and co-directed by Warik, the telling of the story in both word and image is crafted to a very high level, the visuals are outstanding, Geoffrey Rush is perfect. As a community, we are so fortunate to have this level of expertise in our midst, helping to tell our stories. It was great to be there to help celebrate the achievement and I’m looking forward to seeing it again next month in Wellington at APS16.


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2 Responses to Capturing the Cosmos – Melbourne launch

  1. southdome says:

    I would expect no less from Melbourne. Looking forward to seeing it 😀

  2. Yes a great achievement. It has been interesting to see how the skills have been honed over the years to reach this level of quality educational product. The IMAX theatre effect was palpable. Looking forward to flat screen product.

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