MIFF Fulldome Showcases

It’s that wintry time of year again when the Melbourne International Film Festival arrives to warm the hearts of Melbourne filmgoers.  And for the seventh year running, the Melbourne Planetarium will again be screening the best of fulldome cinema as part of the festival.  This year there are two fulldome showcases to choose from.  The showcases will be screening on Saturday the 30th of July at 7pm and 9pm, and Saturday the 6th of August at 7pm and 9pm.




Fulldome Showcase One features two amazing musical artworks.

Samskara is a stunning visual journey into the mind of the acclaimed digital artist Android Jones.

Loco Dyna Morphics is an audiovisually spatial-animated play that takes the audience on a journey through the realms of universal number harmonics.


Waiting Far Away


Fulldome Showcase Two is all about the journeys.

Cycle explores the natural environment and is a subtle mediation on how a small shift in our perception of time can heighten our awareness of the intricate ecosystem surrounding us.

Waiting Far Away is the tale of a cosmic explorer who has travelled too far and can’t find home.  Great mysteries are uncovered while journeying deep into intergalactic space.

The Unknown Between is a mesmerizing exploration of hypnagogia – the moment between wakefulness and sleep, when dreamlike imagery can fill the mind.

Jules Verne Voyages is inspired by the novels ‘From the Earth to the Moon’, and ‘Around the Moon’.  Three independent artists Ralph Heinsohn, Rocco Helmchen and Tobias Wiethoff have joined forces to create an artistic music show that brings the ideas and the spirit of Jules Verne to life.

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