Spontaneous Fantasia

hi-res-rectangle-0003013At long last pioneering multimedia artist J-Walt is bringing his amazing show to Australia.  Spontaneous Fantasia is a live immersive reality musical experience that uses the latest in interactive computer graphics techniques to bring paintings to life.  J-Walt commences his first ever Australian tour at the Melbourne Planetarium on Saturday the 8th of October, followed by performances in Brisbane and Perth.

A computer animation artist who performs his art, J-Walt writes the software, composes all the music and invents complex techniques to render breathtaking virtual vistas right before your eyes while juggling between his drawing tablet and his joystick.

Unfolding in real time, Spontaneous Fantasia uniquely takes the audience on a virtual reality odyssey of fantastic worlds filled with 3D sculptures, dancing figures and landscapes all designed from scratch by one-man orchestra, high-tech wizard, J-Walt.

He has invented such interfaces as “The Anitar”, a guitar-like animation controller which integrates a joystick with a Wacom computer drawing tablet. He also uses a two-handed magnetic wand; a control box with buttons and sliders; a gaming joystick; and a two-handed game controller similar to those for Playstations and Xboxes – all of these will be connected to a powerful gaming-type PC – J-Walt single-handedly sucks the viewers into virtual worlds. He has performed for thrilled audiences around the US as well as in cities around the globe, including Amsterdam, Hamburg, Warsaw, Hong Kong, and India.

The LA Times said, “2006 technical Oscar-winner J-Walt Adamczyk says his art is almost like puppetry, but really his “Spontaneous Fantasia” is beyond words. Animated trippy landscapes, gestural shapes moving through 3-D graphic spaces — oh, just go.”

Tour Dates:
7th October    Melbourne     Melbourne Planetarium, Scienceworks
15th October  Brisbane         Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
22nd October  Perth               Scitech Planetarium

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