Tycho is back

Tycho in the shop

It is with great delight that we can announce that Tycho has returned to the Scienceworks gift shop.   It has been quite a few years since a Tycho soft toy was available.  Many of the original soft toy Tychos were given away at the 2006 IPS in Melbourne and they have become quite rare since then. 

The new Tycho soft toy has poseable legs and ears, is fun to play with and cuddly to boot.  Welcome back Tycho!

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1 Response to Tycho is back

  1. amun1 says:

    I’ve still got my old Tycho won in the astronomy quiz at IPS 2006. We’ll be ordering in the new ones for when we re-open the Brisbane Planetarium after our impending upgrade. — Mark Rigby

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