Brisbane Planetarium Upgrade

STBP mega-pano 4 - screen

The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium will be closing from Wednesday, 9 January 2013 and re-opening to the public on Easter Saturday, 30 March 2013. During this time, the Planetarium’s Cosmic Skydome projection dome will be replaced, a Megastar-IIB optical star projector and new console added, new projectors installed for the digital system, computers upgraded, seats refurbished and carpet replaced. The foyer, gallery and shop also will undergo major changes. APS members will receive a preview of all of this at APS 2013, which will be held on 23/24 March 2013.   N.B. APS 2013 has now been moved to 22/23 April.

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1 Response to Brisbane Planetarium Upgrade

  1. Tanya says:

    Good luck Mark and team! Hope it all goes well and looking forward to seeing it in March!

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