Recent Brisbane Planetarium News

Coral01Apart from being busy preparing for the biggest upgrade since the opening of the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in 1978, Planetarium staff members were involved for the first time in the Brisbane International Film Festival during late November on a Friday night and a Saturday afternoon. Both sessions were sold out. Thanks are due to Warik Lawrance and Melbourne Planetarium for slicing the content for the Friday night.

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2 Responses to Recent Brisbane Planetarium News

  1. warikl says:

    Happy that we could be of help and great to hear the sessions sold out. Will you be involved with the next Brisbane International Film Festival?

    • amun1 says:

      BIFF was quite pleased with the Brisbane Planetarium’s involvement and the public’s response. There will be a new director of BIFF this year and the festival’s timing might change. However, we would consider involvement again.

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