ASTEN in Wollongong

Being a Science Centre with a planetarium is not unique in Australia. This is also the situation in Bendigo (Discovery), Perth (SciTech) and Melbourne (Scienceworks).

In November Wollongong hosted the Australasian Science Centre and Technology Exhibitors Network -ASTEN- conference. And we held most of the presentations in the planetarium (being the most comfortable room in the building and also the best AV equipped). With attendance from many states it was a most productive conference with many issues discussed which affect planetaria whether in a sciencecentre environment or not. The theme was Innovation and Issues such as new technology, funding and sustainability were high on the list.

Conference participants were treated to a preview of our most recent planetarium show – Dinosaurs at Dusk, the latest Robin Sip production.

The Science themed conference dinner was quoted as ‘something for future conferences to aspire to’! Perhaps APS might want to try something spectacularly astronomical for its next dinner 🙂


Glen Moore is currently Vice President (Australia) of ASTEN

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