Upgrading Horizon – the Planetarium

Well, we are finally here. After being closed for months we are once again open for business.

Funded by a $1.3m grant from Lotterywest, Horizon – the Planetarium has undergone some major renovations. We have had a complete gutting of the insides with new carpets, chairs and technology. Upgrading from our six old Barco projectors to two fantastic Sony T420’s giving us a great 4K image.

Upgrade%20067_JPGThe most interesting part of the transition was digging a hole under the dome to place one of the projectors, and then cutting a hole in the wall for ventilation. Moving the lower projector into place in its pit was easier than expected. The upper projector was quite challenging as we had to drag the 180kg weight up several sets of stairs. But in the end we prevailed and everything went into place with no major issues. Upgrade%20076_JPG

With our new fully programmable 16 bit LED cove lighting and projectors we hear even more gasps and cries of amazement from the audience. Everyone is excited to see the refurbishments and our new system. We have been having enquires about when we are re-opening for weeks.

It has been a great journey and the results are out of this world. Many thanks to the Sky-Skan team for spending long hours making certain that it all was perfect for our opening.


Before DSCF0008

After  IMG_5100

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